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Susan is much more than a College Consultant; she is a life coach.  Her work with my son went far beyond the application process.  She was instrumental in teaching him how to think about a complex decision, identify the important factors from a long-term perspective, and manage the process to gain acceptance to the right schools.  He grew tremendously from this experience. 
                                                                                               - Parent of M.L.

I learned about so many universities and colleges that I would never have known about that had profiles which matched what I was looking for.  Your availability to meet and communiate virtually any time was also very useful.  I wasn't just helped through the college search: I was guided through the entire application process.  You helped me to set deadlines for myself and then ensured that everything I did was done correctly and well before it was sent off.  
                                                                                               - Student B.D.

...we were deeply impressed with her expertise, professionalism and passion for assisting students.  Susan's great love of higher education and her enthusiasm made a complex, daunting process fun and exciting.

Most importantly, Susan is an enjoyable person to work with and my daughter really connected with her.

Having Susan as our college counselor was invaluable and I am certain her work has contributed significantly to my daughter's future.  

                                                                                               - Parent of J.T.

... you had a large knowledge of many different colleges and that gave me a lot more options than I originally began with.

Thank you for helping me through the college frenzy!  Honestly, the most important thing for me was knowing that I wasn't completely alone throughout the process, that there was always someone there that could answer my questions.  So thank you!

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for helping me in my college search.  I truly don't think I could be at a better place.  It looks like you may have known me a little better than I knew myself.

                                                                                               - Student K.C.

Susan struck the right balance between directing the process and getting my son involved in the preparation, research and application processes.  His level of engagement, excitement and motivation increased as the process unfolded.  He sure didn't listen to me the way he listened to Susan.
                                                                                               - Parent of R.L.

With Susan's professional guidance, expertise, and support, my nephew successfully navigated the college search, application, and acceptance process.  The most satisfying moments for his parents and me this past year was watching my nephews excitement and confidence grow. Susan helped us to navigate what can be complex, intimidating, and daunting.  She made it easy and fun. My nephew was accepted at several colleges and starts in the Fall at one of his choosing.
                                                                                               - Aunt of A.A.

I was overwhelmed trying to do it on my own, and didn't know much about the colleges or the services they offered until I got your help.  You were able to find a set of universities that I was really excited to apply to.  

I am really grateful for the help finding the colleges and applying for financial aid especially, but I think you made the process much more manageable and less stressful than it would have been otherwise.  

                                                                                               - Transfer student C.M.

While it seemed like a lot of money to spend initially, I felt at the end of the process that it was the best money we could have invested in our sons future.  Through our conversations about majors and college options, it helped him adjust his focus.  Due to the choices of colleges and insights about the early action process combined with scholarship monies available, he applied (and received generous scholarship offers!) to schools that never would have been on his radar.
                                                                                               - Parent of B.D.